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Do deals with...
  • No initial up front cash to purchase the house.
  • No Bank needed.
  • No Stamp duty.
  • Costs like Stamp Duty, Mortgagee Insurance, Bank fees and Charges were already paid by the original owners.
  • Control of the property from day one.
  • You have a budget and time frame in place.
  • Others will want you to renovate their properties the same way.
  • You can now pick up More Property by showing others what they have done.
  • Minimal renovation costs.
What we will cover in our next round of webinars...
  • My Private comprehensive list of Australia’s best and Cheapest Property Deals (Yes it is a huge help when you have a TEAM that do nothing else but live and breathe property!)
  • Rates Arrears Properties
  • Have a look at our new website this weekend. Distressed Property Australia.
  • Australia’s most motivated vendors. Bank says The Must Sell!
  • Foreclosure Properties.
  • I find these by using my Fortunes in Foreclosure techniques.
  • You too can learn these techniques.
Whole World of Opportunities
  • LEARN 1:  Foreclosed Properties. What are they? 
  • LEARN 2:  Pre-foreclosure. Where can I find them? 
  • LEARN 3:  Using the Court System in Australia to find Foreclosed Property and find out what the Pitfalls are? 
  • LEARN 4:  Using online Data Research Companies. 
  • LEARN 5:  Only a limited supply Court Proceedings Properties exist in any one State at any one time. 
  • LEARN 6:  Exit Strategy 
  • LEARN 7:  Helping Others
What you get from our Webinars
  • A Step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system for making massive windfall profits and cashflow.
  • Property Options and how to use them.
  • My secret techniques that are ridiculously easy to do (but work better and faster than almost anything else)
  • How to remove all the roadblocks & build a hyper-responsive list of Foreclosures and Distresses and Cheap Properties.
  • A proven educational system to make it all come together
  • How to keep stuffing your bank account full of profits even after you apply the system
Here is what I say before beginning any presentation or class that I have taught. My very casual “delivery” if you will... “Oh, before I begin, I’d like to share with you something that I learned many, many years ago by a gentleman who was presenting a program I had taken. So, I was sitting in your seat, wondering, what will he be able to teach me, and was this going to be worth my time? He said to us rather sternly, “It is not my responsibility to be sure that every word I say is exactly what you need to hear; it is your responsibility to find the one thing that I say that will help you achieve your goals!”
At the time, I thought, how arrogant can one person be…however, I’ll confess that I have never forgotten those words, and have never participated in a program since where I did not have that conscious thought that it was truly my responsibility to find the one thing I could take away and implement. Now, that I’m up here and you are all sitting where I was…I like it much more!! ...
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